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At Aliyos Shmuel, all teaching is structured to allow for plenty of independent study. The curriculum spans a wide variety of subjects, to encompass all different areas of Jewish study and law, from the meaning behind Tefilla, to in-depth analysis of the Talmud. Different people will specialise in different fields of study, and therefore we focus on guiding you to discover and master a range subjects to the maximum degree, which you can attain at any stage. The main subjects are:

  • Talmud
  • Halacha
  • Mishnayos
  • Tefilla
  • Mesillas Yesharim
  • Chumash
  • Pirkei Avos
  • Sefer HaChinuch
  • Jewish Outlook of the Rosh Yeshiva
  • Nevi'im and Kesuvim
  • Hebrew grammar and reading
  • Commentary of Rabbeinu Chaim HaLevi on the Rambam