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About Us

Aliyos Shmuel is the only introductory yeshiva of its kind: a specially designed framework that opens the doors of a traditional yeshiva to beginners. Aliyos Shmuel is an exciting opportunity, whether you are a new Ba'al Teshuva or a longstanding observant Jew with little experience in Torah learning. Our motivation to open Aliyos Shmuel sprung naturally from the general approach and commitment that defines the yeshiva of Midrash Shmuel.

Midrash Shmuel

Midrash Shmuel is a vibrant, dynamic Jerusalem center for advanced Torah study, founded and lead by Rav Binyomin Moskovits. The yeshiva attracts students from around the globe who arrive with varying abilities in Torah study. Rabbi Moskovits provides the resources for each student to eventually grow into a world class Torah disseminator through effort and application. In Midrash Shmuel, the message is clear: The crown of Torah is the property of every Jew who takes up the challenge.

The Rosh HaYeshiva's in-depth gemara shiur is the highlight of the yeshiva day, with over three hundred students gathering in a central Jerusalem study hall to hear the shiur every day. For each of those students, that lecture is the culmination of an intense morning of preparative study, and a stepping stone to a refreshing new spiritual vantage point. The study halls of Midrash Shmuel reverberate with sounds of Torah study that hark back to original giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

The pure method of study taught at Midrash Shmuel is a whole person discipline, in which he toils to become a receptacle for the undiluted voice of Sinai. Applying powerful methods of analysis, originating from the ancient compilers of the Talmud themselves, each and every student plumbs the depths of the Talmud and discovers first hand its myriads of infinite halachic principles. Since our teaching focuses on cutting through the superficial outer layer to the core and essence of the sublime, a natural consequence is that our students are able to engage in the same process in order to refine their outlook on life and their approach to real life situations.

The Rosh HaYeshiva

Time and again, the same familiar words are heard:"There's no place like Midrash Shmuel." These words are heard from those who have experienced first hand the refreshing approach of HaRav Binyomin Moskovits. Rav Moskovits, with his special personality and unrelenting stamina, has built a magnificent Torah edifice on the pure principle of the supreme importance of authentic Torah learning for every Jew. HaRav Moskovits fosters the conditions for every individual to find his own identity in the pursuit of Torah. Even with a large yeshiva of over 300 students, ranging in age from under 18 to much older, Rabbi Moskovits somehow finds the resources to attend to every individual.

Preceding thirty years teaching experience in England and in Israel, Rav Moskovits's own foundation in Torah and avoda took place within the famous Ponovezh yeshiva, where HaRav Moskovits forged close relationships with Roshei Yeshiva Rav Shmuel Rozovsky zt"l, after whom the yeshiva is named, and Rav Elazar Menachem Mann Shach zt"l. He was also a close talmid of the Mashgiach, HaRav Yechezkel Levenstein, zt"l. HaRav Moskovits mastered Rav Shmuel's style of gemara learning and absorbed the Mashgiach's style of mussar. Rav Moskovits has developed a style of transmitting Torah that is characterized by incredible clarity and remarkable in its multi-level relevance.

Rav Moskovits opened Midrash Shmuel in the early 1990s at the urging of his students and with the heartfelt encouragement of Torah giants of the generation, HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l and HaRav Elazar Menachem Mann Shach zt"l, among others.

From Midrash Shmuel to Aliyos Shmuel

At Midrash Shmuel, we believe that the authentic tradition of in-depth Torah analysis is the birthright of every Jew. We also know that people who start learning Torah as adults are growth oriented people who bring with them valuable skills and life experience. For a long time before Aliyos Shmuel opened, Midrash Shmuel has long been home to many students from vastly differing backgrounds, and all have gained from and contributed to our warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Many students who were not originally educated in an authentic Jewish framework, found ideal personal growth conditions at Midrash Shmuel, particularly appreciating our highly satisfying intellectual approach. We believe that adult beginners thrive in Midrash Shmuel due to the intense growth orientation alongside the opportunity to mix with fellow Jews with more observant backgrounds. Until we opened Aliyos Shmuel, most adult beginners needed to begin somewhere else before they were able to benefit from the education we had to offer. Aliyos Shmuel provides a new level of access to all that Midrash Shmuel has to offer.

From Aliyos Shmuel to Midrash Shmuel

Aliyos Shmuel offers a foundational education that prepares you for more advanced learning and helps you develop a broad base of practical Jewish knowledge. Aliyos Shmuel provides the small group teaching, focused learning, and individual mentoring that are crucial to a successful start in learning.

Through Aliyos Shmuel, you have the opportunity to continue your education in our main yeshiva, when the time is right for you, depending on your pace, your temperament, and the guidance you receive from our staff. Our students value the opportunity to access a level of learning that satisfies the thirsts of adult beginners.